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Watch Erick Simpson's Webcast Replay Now:

How to Overcome Your Business Growth Challenges!

Learn our 11 "Herbs and Spices" for accelerated business growth and the areas to focus on to overcome the bottlenecks in each of your key business units


Discover how to lead and manage all of your billable technical resources against performance KPIs and what those KPIs should be 


Explore SPC's secrets to conducting Quarterly Business Reviews properly with each of your "A" and "B" clients to uncover additional project and service opportunities that they'll agree to budget for 


Watch this Webcast Replay If:

  • You don’t have documented processes for marketing, sales and service delivery that everyone follows to eliminate guesswork, increase efficiencies and fuel growth
  • Your operational, marketing, sales and service delivery platforms are not properly configured to easily provide the business data you need to grow

  • You lack a proven formula that identifies if you're overstaffed or understaffed in key business units, and who and when to hire next, based on business and revenue growth targets

  • It's difficult to determine your true costs of service delivery for flat-fee services to confirm and maintain your gross margins

  • You're not sure that you've bundled and priced your services properly to accelerate sales and help overcome pricing and sales objections

  • You haven't yet been able to eliminate project scope creep and scope seep 100%, resulting in missed milestones and extended timelines, eroding margins for initially more profitable projects

  • You tend to focus on technical solutions rather than business outcomes, prompting your clients to negotiate on price much of the time

  • You aren't conducting QBRs properly and consistently to properly reflect your strategic value to clients and have them agree to and budget for new projects on a regular basis

  • YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY, you won't evolve into a more profitable, efficient strategic business organization able to hire the skilled talent necessary to grow to the next level

  • And much, more