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Watch Gary Beechum's "Secrets of Highly Effective Sales Managers" Webcast On Demand Now If:
  1. Your Sales Professionals are not generating 4.5x their compensation in GP 
  2. You've made more bad sales hiring decisions than good ones

  3. Your Sales Professionals can’t cross-sell or up-sell your entire solution stack, or qualify prospects for every one of your services

  4. It’s challenging to hold your sales team accountable to hitting their QuotaYou lack a consistent sales process 

  5. Your sales managers aren’t trained to Lead
  6. There isn't enough time to manage, coach and mentor your sales team 
  7. Your sales managers aren’t trained to Lead Your sales managers aren’t trained to Lead 
  8. It's tough to achieve and maintain a 3x Pipeline

  9. Your Sales Professionals don’t have Personal Marketing Plans and solid lead generation process.

  10. IF YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY, your business will continue to stagnate..


What You'll Learn:

  1. A sales leadership strategy proven to increase sales 
  2. Techniques to motivate and improve your sales team's performance

  3. A simple performance measurement process 
  4. How to prevent ever making a bad sales hiring decision again
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