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Watch Erick Simpson's "Sales Hiring, Management and Performance Improvement Tips" Webcast On Demand Now If:
  1. Your sales aren’t where they should be
  2. You’ve tried hiring and managing sales professionals in the past – unsuccessfully
  3. You can’t grow revenues beyond recent highs
  4. Company growth and stability is at an impasse
  5. You need a solid, documented process for hiring, training and managing new sales professionals – including creating effective compensation plans and sales quotas
  6. You need an effective way to measure sales performance and enforce accountability


What You'll Learn:

  1. A solid, step-by step process to identify and hire high-performing sales professionals
  2. The checklist to use to correctly On-Board and train a new sales professional for rapid sales success
  3. The 10 activities each and every sales professional should be conducting daily to dramatically increase sales appointments
  4. How to manage consultative sales professionals objectively against quota
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