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Take your MSP Security Business to the XGenTM Level! 

In 30 Minutes You'll Learn About An Even Bigger Threat Than Ransomware In 2017 And How To Protect Your Customers!


Watch and learn about BEC - Business Email Compromise, and how this tactic will dwarf the ransoms paid by businesses in 2017 - we break down what it is, provide examples of recent BEC attacks and revenues lost, and show you how to keep your customers protected against BEC and Ransomware threats!


You'll also learn about growing your MSP revenue by leveraging the NEW version of Trend Micro's Worry-Free Services, powered by XGenTM Security.  A blend of threat protection techniques, eliminating security gaps and providing maximum protection for today’s and tomorrow’s threats across endpoints and users. Security should not slow your customers down.  XGen™ security optimizes performance by using the right technique at the right time. Plus, you’ll spend less time on administration with centralized visibility and control.


 Learn about Worry-Free Services:

  • What’s NEW - Machine Learning, Application Control and Encryption Management
  • Increase your MRR with Advanced Email, Collaboration and Ransomware Protection
  • Centralized management & licensing tools that work with your RMM/PSA platforms
Our Subject-Matter Experts:
                    Erick Simpson                    Michael J. Murphy                    Ryan Delaney
                     SVP and CIO               Global Integrated Mktg Mgr. Global Solutions Mktg Mgr.
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